Aston Youth FC News

After a long and tough season, Aston Youth FC were crowned champions of the Birmingham AFA Division Six league. The team, supported by Aston Youth Forum & Network had a season record nearly as impressive as Chelsea’s, as they won 19 out of 23 games and only losing three times. They scored 66 goals during the season and their defence conceded only 20 goals.

An awards ceremony was held on Saturday 28th May at Birchfield Independent Girl’s School, Beacon Hill, Aston, for the team to showcase their trophy and medals, as well as receiving individual awards for a successful season.

Zulfigar Khan, Chairman of Aston Youth Forum & Network, a youth organisation funded by Aston Pride, said: “We need more local talent to come out of Aston and we would also like to have a football academy where youngsters come through and hopefully become professional footballers.”

The AFA is the best Amateur Football Association and League in the West Midlands. It was formed in 1908 and boasts teams that have been established since 1897.

Simon Topman, Independent Chair of Aston Pride NDC had this to say: “Once again Aston rises to the top.  Not for the first time does Aston demonstrate a level of excellence that is second to none.

“Through out my chairmanship of Aston Pride, I have witnessed first hand so many excellent achievements and seen Aston get so little recognition.  “At long last, Aston is beginning to get credit for a reputation that it has long had amongst those who know it.  Heartily congratulations to Aston Youth FC – a great achievement from a great region of the city.”