Thumbs Up for StreetCare

StreetCare, the £1m clean up project has smashed all major targets, according to a city council evaluation, making it one of Aston Pride’s most successful regeneration schemes.  Launched in September 2004, the initiative provided a daily additional to the normal street cleansing service and used a three-pronged approach – education, removal and enforcement to deal with litter, rodent infestation, and dumping in the Aston area. The audit revealed that StreetCare has performed well above expectations on a raft of key outputs and has brought real benefits to residents and businesses, schools and front line community organisations.

Jointly delivered by Birmingham City Council, Groundwork Birmingham and Aston Pride, StreetCare’s chief aim was to educate residents about how to keep their local environment their homes and streets-clean and free from infestation.

The project reached out to every family and business owner in the Pride area. It rolled out a train of eco-friendly schemes to help protect the local environment and supplied much requested help and information on pest control as well as the safe, effective disposal of waste.

At the centre of StreetCare’s 18-month operation was a dirt-busting toolkit that included Education Officers, CCTV surveillance to catch illegal dumping; enforcement officers who monitored the area daily, pest control specialists, extra beat sweepers and rubbish collection operatives.

The scheme targeted environmental blights such like illegal dumping and the anti-social practice of rubbish being put out too early. Perpertrators were identified and warned. Local businesses that operated without a commercial waste contract, which invariably led to illegal dumping, were also dealt with by the City Council’s enforcement team.

The report reveals that households in the Pride area are now less at risk of infestation. StreetCare has permanently removed over 800 tonnes of illegally dumped rubbish from the area and has taken firm action – under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 against dumpers. More than 40 warning letters have already been sent out and cautions have been administered. To date, there have been 3 successful convictions with 25 prosecution cases still in progress.

Careless business owners have also been dealt with. More than 50 duties of care notices have been issued for the incorrect disposal of waste. Most business owners have now observed the regulations although a short handful is facing legal action for non-compliance.

StreetCare’s education focus was managed by Project partner Groundwork, which engaged pride area schools, groups and businesses with waste management schemes and advice.

Pupils from six local schools took part in litter picking, recycling and gardening initiatives. Work with two schools, Prince Albert and Birchfield Independent Girls led to the implementation of recycling schemes there and businesses in the Aston area signed up to the Birmingham City Council cardboard recycling collection scheme.

The project has created jobs, provided accredited training to more than thirty residents and delivered environmental awareness information to more than 10,000 residents.

Simon Topman, Aston Pride Independent Chair: “Streetcare’s main task was to encourage a new attitude amongst local people towards their environment. The audit shows that it was a job done well. The project has been well received and supported by residents, and that bodes well for quality of life locally and for the general look of the area.” 


The StreetCare FACTFILE

  • More than 1000 tonnes of rubbish have been removed from the Pride area.
  • More than 5000 households have received advice and, where requested, remedy for infestation.  
  • 50 duty of care notices have been served on businesses for not having a commercial waste contract. 
  • More than 90% of businesses now have a commercial waste contact up from 42%
  •  Warning notices have been served on residents that dump illegally or put out rubbish in advance of collection day.
  •  More than 20 alley gating, crime prevention schemes were implemented.
  •  More than 30 young people at risk of crime benefited directly from safety in-the-environment schemes.
  •  4 Streetcare wardens have been awarded NCFE Foundation Certificate in Sustainable Development
  • Pupils from six Pride area schools Aston Manor, Aston Tower, Birchfield Community, Birchfield Independent Girls, Mansfield Green, Prince Albert School – engaged in a variety of eco-friendly schemes including gardening, litter picking and recycling. 
  • More than 400 residents have benefited directly from StreetCare’s community safety initiatives, such as alley gating.
  • 8 frontline community organisations received capacity building work and training.
  • 27 residents, trained by StreetCare in regeneration competency, gained accreditation in City and Guild’s Profile of Achievement. 
  • More than 3000 brand new rubbish bins have been handed out free to residents that needed them.